First off, the iPhone 5 comes in three variants in terms of memory capacity, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Basically, if you’re more of a person who likes taking pictures, plays A LOT of games and downloads gazillions of multimedia content, then the higher memory variants are for you. However, if you use the gadget strictly for communication and information purposes, then you’re better off with the ones with lower memory. In this blog entry, we will talk about ways in taking care of your iPhone 5′s software and apps.

Download only what you need.

Well, like what was mentioned above, some people like downloading gazillion apps. Most of these go unused and just sit there, like clothes gathering dust inside the closet. Thing is, these apps take some space, especially the ones that are larger. Make sure to just download what you really need. It is recommended that you download apps that allow you to do a variety of stuff in one go. Organizers, alarm clocks and reference materials are your best bet. Content like music, games, books and videos must be downloaded moderately as you won’t be able to maximize their use if you keep on downloading various content every five minutes. Lastly, be sure to organize your apps in folders, not because it’ll help out in the software on your smartphone, but because it’ll save time and effort. You don’t have to intensively look for it.

Get apps from trusted parties.

There are some companies whose applications cause the iPhone to crash. Always be sure to always check the application’s user reviews and comments before downloading. Also, if you’re not sure of the app maker, be sure to get some sort of background information about them. Your safest bets are the apps taken from Apple themselves. The best game developers are Gamevil, Gameloft and EA.

Take care of it – Physically.

A foolproof way to maintain the conditions of your iPhone’s software is to take care of its physical properties, meaning you must clean it properly, enclose it in a case or skin and protect it from the elements. Good, functioning hardware is essential for a well-functioning software. Remember, the phone having the best condition is the best functioning one.

Never let young children download apps.

Children absolutely and irrevocably love playing games. Letting them play is one thing, however, allowing them to download is another. Be sure that they don’t download too much as it might not be favorable to you and your iPhone 5. Heck, it can get downright annoying. Also, it’s a precaution. They might accidentally download mature content that might have sexual, gory and reserved-for-adults themes. Always be sure to supervise and help them out.

Utilize free apps.

There are tons of free applications in the App Store. Sure, the ones that needs to be bought are good apps, but seriously, there are good and FREE apps out there!

Lastly, don’t jailbreak.

Never, ever jailbreak your phone if you wish to the most out of Apple’s services. Why buy an iPhone 5 if you’re going to jailbreak it anyway? Jail breaking voids your warranty, rendering you unable to avail of Apple’s services once you do it. Yes, you may be able to utilize applications and get content that you would not have been able to avail if you didn’t jailbreak, however, you wouldn’t be able to get Apple’s either. It’ll also slow your device down and make it prone to crashing.