People are juggling with the bills and trying to think of a gift to buy for their loved ones and friends on this coming Jumia Black Friday Kenya. However, there is an inside fear that they cannot afford to cater for everyone due to the high cost of living nowadays. But for the bargaining giants, they are preparing to make a comeback on Jumia mega day, Black Friday 2016, where major deals and discounts will go to the highest bidder. It’s only on Jumia Black Friday where people can win attractive offers and deals from the various selected items.

What’s the Trick?

There are no set tricks to finding a better deal. The tricky part is getting the right information so that one can plan in advance and set strategies to complete your shopping and still save good money by the end of the day. Initially, online shops do not show ads days before the Black Friday; they wait until the last hour so that they can handle the large traffic that comes to their website. Kenyans often forget to plan well more so making the price comparisons.

Thanks to the internet, Jumia Black Friday will come to you live on your smartphone if you take an effort to download the app now. Numerous ads will be used to engage and inform customers to have efficient time to prepare and budget for the shopping. For those who don’t know, Black Friday is named after the usual behavior where customers come out (black) after a huge sale. It’s the same day where online shops open wide with conducive incentives of the year for their customers.

How to Survive


I know you have been saving big for this year Jumia Black Friday and you already have your budget in mind. The best thing of all is to know what you need in advance and easily budget for it before the Black Friday ads hit the headlines. By doing this, you get to know which category is selling what and at how much. Select your items and wait for the big day patiently.

The reason why I insist that you should have a list of your products before the Black Friday, Is to prevent impulse buying that affects your budget in the long run. It obvious that we want to give our families and friends the best gifts but we also need to be guided by a budget plan to prevent financial bankruptcy.

The hours you want to shop are also important so that you can stay on the look for the best gifts and deals that come along together. Being aware what you need prevents overspending hence making sure you stay on the budget. A lot of Kenyans look forward to a great shopping during this coming Jumia Black Friday, and we don’t want them just to pick products that will not help them after that Friday. It’s very annoying to get a lot of the goods that day but remains with nothing in your pocket. Instead of being happy, you may find yourself sad.

How to Find the Deals

First and foremost, take some time to do your window-shopping from the leading online shops like Kilimall, Rupu, and Cheki from the promotions running on the web. You can maneuver, from the categories, you think you can find attractive deals and offers. Apart from noting down their different prices, you can as well check other items being discounted just for assurance from your preferred site, Jumia Kenya. When you conduct such comparisons, you can be rest assured that come Black Friday, you will be fully armed to welcome the mega day with pomp and color.

Knowing the category to shop from and the particular items will help you save both time and money.  There is nothing good than knowing where to find your product and at how much, budget-consciousness will ease your shopping experience. Jumia Kenya looks forward to letting their customers save big on selected items but at a flash sale. To start well, you have to keep checking on the website and brace yourself for the big day.

Shopping Tips on Jumia Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching, and every year, shoppers seem to increase. To make sure that there is something for everyone, Jumia Kenya is committed to making your shopping that day a success. That being said and done, below are some of the tips to follow that day when are shopping:

Make a List

Despite the number of ads and promotions that are posted everywhere, having a list of some of the products you will need that day helps you save big. When you have created your list, check it twice and give priority to the most important items. Make sure you have everything for everyone so that you don’t seem discriminative during the shopping. The list will help you stay sober and avoid impulse buying during the long awaited Jumia Black Friday.

Do Your Shopping At Once

On that day, log in to Jumia and do all your shopping at once and try as much as possible to follow the list you created. Visit your category and add to cart all your products before other customers takes them all. Be relaxed in a cool place like your bedroom. Have cash on your phone for secure payment for all the products. If you follow this point, trust you me that you will take advantage of Jumia Black Friday fully.

Shop Early

The best way to shop on that day is early morning when everyone is asleep. You will find more products still on offer since there are just a few available. If you are late, you will find these products when they are out of stock. Jumia wants you to shop as many products as possible. They want all your friends at least to get something from you as a friend. This is an important tip that you should not forget.

Check Posting Date

Before you order anything from Jumia Kenya, make sure you check the posting date so that you don’t confuse the prices. There are some products which will have wrong information, yet they are the same with the discounted ones on the promotion banners. If you have seen an advertisement somewhere, verify the price before you commit yourself.


Now you know what you need to have during the incoming day. What you only need is a smartphone and some good budget to help you save big on Jumia Black Friday. As soon as the day begins, you have to hold it with both hands and with only one click away, you will be smiling as you wait for your order to arrive. Some of the products that are expected to be discounted are:

  • Electronics
  • Home appliances
  • Smartphones
  • Fashion
  • Office products

Stay sober and inform your friends about the 2016 Jumia Black Friday, they may support you in a big way when shopping or selecting your products. Black Friday is the only day you can thank yourself for excellent deals and offers as well as shop for your family and friends. This year, Jumia Black Friday comes on 25th of November, but it’s said to start weeks before the day.